Wonder Woman: A Small Step in the Right Direction for the DCEU

Since 2013, the DC Comics Extended Universe (DCEU) has tried like hell to get off the ground, only to find itself stumbling over and over again. “Man of Steel” wasn’t a bad start, with its only major flaw being a second half that went a little overboard with the action. However, things quickly got much worse with the release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad,” a pair of films that looked rather promising, but fell short in multiple areas that included the narrative, characters, and pacing. With three disappointments, it became rather easy to lose hope that the DCEU would ever get on track, and yet they’ve heroically soldiered on, putting several more films into produ

The First Reviews for Wonder Woman Are In

If there's one thing that the DC Comics Universe really needs, it's a well-received film that finally shows how spectacular their characters can be on the big screen. "Man of Steel" (55%, 6.2/10) had been a bit of a disappointment, while "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (28%, 4.9/10) and "Suicide Squad" (25%, 4.7/10) had been outright disasters. With so many let downs in recent years, you can see why it would be hard to get hopes up for "Wonder Woman," but then a funny thing happened. Early word-of-mouth for the film were called it stunning and the best DC movie yet. Granted, the latter wouldn't be that hard to accomplish, but it was still an intriguing reaction. Late last night, the rev

HBO Unleashes the First Full Trailer for Season Seven of Game of Thrones

We've been waiting for it for what seems like forever, but today HBO has finally unveiled the first full trailer for the upcoming seventh season of their highly-anticipated hit show "Game of Thrones." When we last left the characters at the end of season six, Cersei had exacted her revenge, Daenerys set sail for Westeros with her companions and her army, and the Starks had finally reclaimed their home at Winterfell, but all of this was a mere small taste of what's still to come. There's an army of the dead on the way, lead by the White Walkers, which is sure to lead to even more epic battles along the lines of Blackwater, Hardhome, and the Battle of the Bastards. Alas, as has previously been

Get Out: Jordan Peele Tries His Hand at Horror (Blu-ray)

The Film: Once again, as seems to happen once or twice a year, we are faced with another candidate for what could potentially be the next great horror film. At this point, anyone would understandably be skeptical when it comes to finding that film, for there has been more than a fair share of possibilities that have only resulted in major disappointments (“The Witch,” “It Follows,” “The Babadook,” “Don’t Breathe,” etc.). As we approach Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” (yes, comedian Jordan Peele), a film that has been enjoying a large amount of positive buzz, it’s hard not to look back on the other recent horror outings that had the same and do so with more than a little trepidation, not out of fear

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: A Delightfully Fun Sequel with Depth and Heart to Spare

Back in 2014, Marvel Studios delivered something rather astonishing with “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Here was a film that took the standard Marvel outline, which usually just contains a thread of a plot and a hefty selection of action scenes, and took it further than usual by adding the most fascinating group of characters yet seen in this universe and an even bigger dose of humor than usual. What resulted was (and still is) the best film the MCU has delivered ever since they started churning out superhero flicks in 2008. Because of this, the sequel became hotly anticipated, putting an immense amount of pressure on writer/director James Gunn to once again deliver an amazing adventure with thi

Logan Comes to Digital HD May 16th and Blu-ray/DVD May 23rd

After an insanely successful box office run that brought in over $600 million worldwide, in addition to rather strong critical acclaim, 20th Century Fox has announced the home release of "Logan," which is set to be unleashed on Digital HD on May 16th and Blu-ray/DVD on May 23rd. The film finally saw a decent entry in the solo Wolverine franchise that had had a lot of trouble giving fans a satisfying storyline in the first two films ("X-Men: Origins" and "The Wolverine"). This time around, the film was a little more down to Earth, and focusing on Logan's attempt to save a young mutant that is very similar to himself. It may not have been particularly great, and a little too long at 135 minute

The Red Turtle: An Extraordinary Animated Gem (Blu-ray)

The Film: Looking back over the animated releases of last year, we find mostly popular fare as usual. We find big films like “Finding Dory,” “Kubo and the Two Strings,” and “Zootopia,” which walked away with the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. However, also included in the category was a much smaller film that, while critically-acclaimed and nominated in multiple places for the same award, most people had never even heard of when it earned its Oscar nod. This film was “The Red Turtle,” a French-made and Studio Ghibli-produced gem that flew far under the radar when it came to not only the public, but also award voters. Suffice it to say that if more Academy members had bothered to see it, th