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  • by Jeff Beck

HBO Unleashes the First Full Trailer for Season Seven of Game of Thrones

We've been waiting for it for what seems like forever, but today HBO has finally unveiled the first full trailer for the upcoming seventh season of their highly-anticipated hit show "Game of Thrones."

When we last left the characters at the end of season six, Cersei had exacted her revenge, Daenerys set sail for Westeros with her companions and her army, and the Starks had finally reclaimed their home at Winterfell, but all of this was a mere small taste of what's still to come. There's an army of the dead on the way, lead by the White Walkers, which is sure to lead to even more epic battles along the lines of Blackwater, Hardhome, and the Battle of the Bastards.

Alas, as has previously been reported, we'll only be getting seven episodes this year (and only six next year for the final season), but rumor has it that they'll be epically-sized, which is saying quite a bit as the show is already incredibly epic in scale. It's also interesting to note that, given that the show will not start up again until the middle of July, it will not be eligible for the Emmys until next year, leaving the door for another show to win Outstanding Drama Series in its absence this year.

Judging by the trailer it seems like one thing is certain for sure: this will be another thrilling season that will more than likely prove once again why "Game of Thrones" is the best thing on television. It's just a shame we still have a little under two months left to wait.

Game of Thrones: Season Seven premieres on HBO on July 16th at 9pm.

What do you think of this first full trailer? Are you excited for the show's grand return? Let us know in the comments below!

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