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  • by Jeff Beck

Logan Comes to Digital HD May 16th and Blu-ray/DVD May 23rd

Logan Box Art

After an insanely successful box office run that brought in over $600 million worldwide, in addition to rather strong critical acclaim, 20th Century Fox has announced the home release of "Logan," which is set to be unleashed on Digital HD on May 16th and Blu-ray/DVD on May 23rd.

The film finally saw a decent entry in the solo Wolverine franchise that had had a lot of trouble giving fans a satisfying storyline in the first two films ("X-Men: Origins" and "The Wolverine"). This time around, the film was a little more down to Earth, and focusing on Logan's attempt to save a young mutant that is very similar to himself. It may not have been particularly great, and a little too long at 135 minutes, but it was a touching sendoff for Hugh Jackman that provided some thrilling action sequences.

As far as special features go, here's what's going to be included:

  • Logan Noir – black and white version of the film

  • Audio commentary by Director James Mangold

  • Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary by James Mangold (Blu-ray™ only)

  • Making Logan – behind-the-scenes documentary (Blu-ray™ only)

It may not look like much, but this is really all you could ask for when wanting to delve behind the scenes of a movie. There are supposedly nearly 90 minutes of extras, which obviously is not including Mangold's commentary or the B&W version of the film, meaning the "Making of" and Deleted Scenes should total up to just about an hour and a half.

Those dates again are May 16th for Digital HD and May 23rd for Blu-ray/DVD, so if you were one of the millions of fans who enjoyed Jackman's final outing as Wolverine, be sure to take note.

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