The Flash: The Complete Sixth Season: Aims High, but Settles for Average (Blu-ray)

The Show: Last season, "The Flash" delivered another exciting set of episodes that, while somewhat dampened by a lackluster villain and a familiar structure, still managed to provide the thrills its fans crave through its remarkable blend of genres, strong characters, and compelling story arcs. That being said, it was hoped that season six would be able to get the show back up to the top level of quality that we've seen throughout most of the show, giving us something more than a stand-in villain that needs to be stopped by the end of the season. Will Team Flash's latest outing be the one that puts it back in the upper echelons of superhero adaptations, or will this finally be the year that

His Dark Materials: The Complete First Season: Visually Impressive, but Structurally Flawed (Blu-ray

The Show: Back in 2007, writer/director Chris Weitz attempted to bring the first part of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" to life with his adaptation of "The Golden Compass" (aka "Northern Lights"). Despite the popularity of the books, and a remarkable cast that included Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and the voice of Sir Ian McKellen (and several more), the film was received rather poorly and underperformed at the box office, halting any plans of adapting the remaining books. 13 years later, screenwriter Jack Thorne ("The Aeronauts," "Wonder") and a handful of directors (including Academy Award winner Tom Hooper) have been tasked with having a go at it. However, instead of being given th