1917: A Marvelous Technical and Narrative Achievement (Blu-ray)

The Film: Director Sam Mendes has had quite the interesting career. With his outstanding 1999 debut theatrical feature, "American Beauty," he won the Oscar for Best Director, immediately turning him into a hot commodity to watch. Keeping his focus on small dramas, he churned out a few more that were on the same scale, including "Road to Perdition," "Jarhead," "Revolutionary Road," and "Away We Go," films whose reception ranged from ok to dismissive. His career completely changed trajectory in 2012 when he landed his biggest gig to date directing the James Bond film "Skyfall," which he followed up by directing the next entry, "Spectre." His latest project is keeping right in line with his rec

Richard Jewell: Clint Eastwood's Long-Awaited Return to Filmmaking Greatness (Blu-ray)

The Film: Over the past decade or so, it's been rather unfortunate to watch four-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Clint Eastwood struggle to deliver a great film on the level that we've come to expect from him. After "Gran Torino" in 2008, he's given us mostly forgettable outings that have included "J.Edgar," "Hereafter," "American Sniper," "Jersey Boys," and "The 15:17 to Paris," with "Sully" standing out as a decent work among the rest. Now the legendary director returns with his latest project, "Richard Jewell," which once again has him bringing real-life events to the screen. Will this finally be his long-awaited return to greatness, or will it be yet another sour note in the prolifi

Titans: The Complete Second Season: A Shocking Drop in Quality from Its Debut Season (Blu-ray)

The Show: When “Titans” premiered on the newly-launch DC Universe streaming platform in 2018, it ended up being a surprise hit, which was a major shock to those who watched the show after the comic-con trailer had made it look like a complete disaster. It featured a fascinating group of heroes and a compelling collection of storylines that made for a highly-entertaining and binge-worthy season of television. Understandably, this led to a demand for a second season, in which fans would hope to see more thrilling adventures of this ragtag group of superheroes. Now that season two has come and gone, it’s time to see if it stands up to its fantastic premiere, or if it has succumb to the sophomor