Predicting The 90th Annual Academy Awards, Part 2: The Major Categories

This part will cover the eight major categories (Adapted Screenplay-Best Picture): Best Adapted Screenplay Call Me by Your Name The Disaster Artist Logan Molly's Game Mudbound Here we have another category that appears to be a lock. After winning the most critics’ awards for Adapted Screenplay (including Critics’ Choice), on top of the USC Scripter, WGA, and BAFTA Awards, it appears that James Ivory will be winning the Oscar for his outstanding screenplay for “Call Me by Your Name.” It appears to be the only award the film will win out of its four nominations, but I’m extremely happy that it will at least be getting something. Best Original Screenplay The Big Sick Get Out Lady Bird The Shape

Predicting The 90th Annual Academy Awards, Part 1: The Minor Categories

This awards season has been one of the strangest on the books in quite some time, with winners all over the place, and every major contender missing out on some important nomination. At the very least, it’s kept things rather exciting, but it’s all about to come down to the big finale as the Oscars are very nearly upon us, so, as usual, let’s take a look at what has the best chance of taking home Oscar gold on the evening of Sunday, March 4th. This first part will cover the minor and technical awards (The Shorts-Film Editing): Best Live Action Short Dekalb Elementary The Eleven O'Clock My Nephew Emmett The Silent Child Watu Wote/All of Us Best Documentary Short Edith+Eddie Heaven is a Traffi

Darkest Hour: An Average Film Led by a Powerful Performance (Blu-ray)

The Film: In the past few years, there appears to have been a renewed interest in the great Prime Minister Winston Churchill, evident by there being several productions focusing on him, or projects that have him as an important character in British history. In 2016, we were treated to a brilliant, Emmy-winning performance from John Lithgow in “The Crown,” while last summer, there was a poorly-received film simply titled “Churchill” that featured Brian Cox. Then there was Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour,” an awards season favorite that earned nine BAFTA nominations (winning two) and six Oscar nods, in which Gary Oldman gives one of the standout performances of his career. However, a great performa

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comes to Digital HD March 13th and Blu-ray/DVD on March 27th

Without a doubt, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" was one of the most divisive films of last year. Critics absolutely loved in (including yours truly, placing it at #3 on my Top Ten List of 2017), with the film earning an 85 on Metacritic and a 91% (8.1/10) on Rotten Tomatoes, while several fans felt it didn't live up to their expectations. Regardless of the division, the film was a massive hit, pulling in over $1.3 billion worldwide. It even went on to earn four Oscar nominations (Visual Effects, Original Score, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing). At long last, Disney and Lucasfilm have finally unleashed the details of the home release of the film, announcing that it will first come to Digital HD o

Black Panther: A Weaker Effort from the MCU

As the MCU continues to grow and expand to include a multitude of new characters, there have been many that have been great successes, including the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Captain America,” “Thor,” and “”The Avengers” (and subsequent sequels). However, as great as this shared universe has been, it hasn’t been without its entries that haven’t quite worked, such as “Iron Man 3” and “Doctor Strange.” Now the MCU has expanded once again to include Black Panther (first seen in “Captain America: Civil War”) in his own solo movie. It’s always an exciting prospect to see a new superhero added to this ever-ambitious collection, but do we get to include his first solo outing in the success column

The Winners of the 2018 BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has just finished handing out their awards for 2017, with the hardly-surprising result of Martin McDonagh's marvelous "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri" taking the top prize of Best Film. The film also received Best Actress (Francis McDormand), Best Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell), Best Original Screenplay (Martin McDonagh), and Outstanding British Film for a total of five wins. As far as surprises go, the only small, unexpected happenings occurred in Best Editing, where "Baby Driver" topped ACE winner "Dunkirk," and in Best Special Visual Effects, where "Blade Runner 2049" topped "War for the Planet of the Apes," after the lat

Blade of the Immortal: Miike Delivers Another Stunning Samurai Epic (Blu-ray)

The Film: Legendary Japanese director Takashi Miike may not quite be a household name, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard of at least one of his incredible works. This is the man who has brought us such unforgettable projects as the chilling “Audition,” the bizarre “Ichi the Killer,” and the thrilling “13 Assassins,” perhaps his very best film to date. Now Miike returns to the samurai genre with “Blade of the Immortal,” based on the manga by Hiroaki Samura, a project that is being touted as his 100th film. After a whopping 99 films, does the legend still have it in him to deliver yet another work that will delight his many fans? The film opens with a swordsman, Manji (Takuya Kimura), on

The Winners of the 70th Annual Writers Guild of America Awards

The Writers Guild of America has just finished handing out their awards for 2017, resulting in James Ivory ("Call Me by Your Name") and Jordan Peele ("Get Out") taking top honors for Adapted and Original Screenplays, respectively. This would seem to officially eliminate "Lady Bird" and "The Shape of Water" from the Best Picture competition, for if they aren't even the favorite to win Original Screenplay at the WGA Awards, then they don't have much hope of winning the same category at the Oscars. However, given the WGA's asinine rules for eligibility, this means that "Get Out" still must go up against Martin McDonagh's incredible "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri," which is considere

The First Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story Has Arrived

At long last, the first trailer for the hotly-anticipated "Solo: A Star Wars Story" has arrived, and I think it's safe to say that the results are decidedly mixed. After hearing about all of the trouble that the film has been having (the original directors getting fired, most of the film having to be re-shot, an acting coach getting called in for Alden Ehrenreich, etc.), it seemed like it was doomed to become something of a mess, and while it's far too early to pass judgment, just based on the trailer, it's not exactly looking like something that's going to knock everyone's socks off. I think the biggest problem I'm having with it is Ehrenreich's flat delivery of his dialogue, which lends so

First Trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout Brings the Action

After what seems like months of waiting, the first official trailer for the new "Mission: Impossible" film (subtitled "Fallout") has finally been unleashed during the big game, and at a first glance, it's looking to be everything that fans of the franchise have been hoping for. The film deals with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his Impossible Mission Force having to deal with the aftermath of a mission gone wrong (the presumable "Fallout"). The franchise is well-known for ramping up the action in every film, and while the films have certainly paid off in this regard every time, the last film, while decent, was admittedly a little lacking when it came to having a particularly memorable narrative

The Winners of the 70th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards

The Directors Guild of America has just finished handing out there awards with the hardly surprising result of Guillermo del Toro winning the top prize for Directorial Achievement in Feature film for "The Shape of Water." This now puts him front and center to win the Oscar for Best Director at next month's ceremony, for as you probably know, the winner of the DGA's top award has an over 90% chance of doing so, what with the awards matching most of the time. As for the rest of the awards, there weren't any really big surprises, though it was rather unfortunate to see that none of the "Game of Thrones" nominees won the Drama Series category, but presumably having three nominees in the same cat