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  • by Jeff Beck

The Thrilling First Trailer for The Flash: Season Three Debuts at Comic-Con

When "The Flash" debuted on The CW a couple of years ago, it was quickly regarded as one of the best superhero adaptations of recent years, and for good reason. It was thrilling, compelling, and offered up an arc that had you coming back for more right away (a feat not many shows are able to pull off nowadays). As the show continued into its season season, it became a little shakier with a few of its superfluous plotlines and a somewhat iffy finale, but it was still highly entertaining and well worth sticking around for.

With season three just a couple of months away from starting, anticipation has been high as to what could possibly happen next. When we last left Barry, he had created a brand new timeline where anything could happen, and as we see in this new trailer that debuted at Comic-Con today, things are certainly looking a little different. People he's been friends with for the past couple of years don't even know who he is, and others emerge who appear to know that this reality is not what was meant to be.

From what I've heard, we should be expecting a crossover once again for a major arc known as "Flashpoint," but as to what that entails, I leave up to the comic book experts as I'm trying to go into the coming season knowing very little (as I most often try to do). Just hearing that there's going to be a major arc gets me excited enough though, as this past season's storyline was a little weaker than before. Hopefully all the little shifts that resulted from last year's season finale will bring about some needed change.

How will this all the craziness that Barry caused effect his new life? We'll just have to wait and see when the new season premieres on October 4th.

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