Sorry to Bother You: A Bizarre Fantasy That Goes a Little Too Off the Rails (Blu-ray)

The Film: Chances are you had never heard of the name Boots Riley before this year. For the last several years, he has been working pretty steadily as an actor and musician, writing pieces for such big projects as “The Simpsons,” “Superbad,” and “The Losers.” This year he has taken the bold leap to writing and directing his first feature film, entitled “Sorry to Bother You,” a very imaginative work that has already garnered him a fair amount of acclaim, but as always it must be asked if the buzz is justified or if it’s just another case of misplaced praise thrown at a project that doesn’t quite live up to the hype. As usual, let’s hope for the best as we take a closer look at Riley’s bizarre

Ant-Man and the Wasp: An Action-Packed Sequel That Delivers (Blu-ray)

The Film: Three years ago, Marvel Studios introduced “Ant-Man” on the big screen, a concept that seemed like it would be rather silly when lifted from the pages of the comics, but which actually worked pretty well thanks to a dazzling display of incredible special effects, lots of thrilling action, and a great cast. Of course, the film’s success prompted the inevitable sequel, which brings us to “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” a film that hopes to serve as a bit of lighter entertainment following the heavily morose (though thoroughly-entertaining) “Avengers: Infinity War.” After so much doom and gloom, who wouldn’t want to be reminded of how much fun the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be? Starting of

Universal Classic Monsters 30-Film Collection, Part 2: Selected Sequels (Blu-ray)

The Films: In Part 1, we took a look at most of the original Universal monster classics, and now, as promised, it’s time to delve into some of the sequels that followed those beloved films. And so, without further ado, let’s dive right into the first flick. Starting off our exploration of the sequels is Lambert Hillyer’s “Dracula’s Daughter” from 1936. Picking up right where the original “Dracula” left off, we find Van Helsing (Edward Van Sloan) admitting to the “murder” of Count Dracula and being taken to Scotland Yard for questioning. Finding himself in a desperate situation, he asks for a psychiatrist friend of his, Jeffrey Garth (Otto Kruger), to help him in his defense. Meanwhile, Count

Universal Classic Monsters 30-Film Collection, Part 1: The Original Classics (Blu-ray)

The Films: The Universal monster classics. For some, these are the first name in horror. While obviously not the first horror films ever made, they would define their own era that would run through the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, giving us such classics as “Dracula,” “Frankenstein,” “The Invisible Man,” and their various sequels. At the time, these films thrilled and horrified audiences with their terrifying monsters and creepy atmospheres, and while they may be rather tame by today’s standards, many of them are still fun and exciting to watch, and that’s not to mention the fact that they remain very influential. To celebrate the great legacy of these films, Universal has recently upgraded t