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  • by Jeff Beck

The First Horrifying Trailer for David Gordon Green's Halloween Has Finally Arrived

When it was first announced that yet another reboot of "Halloween" was being made, there was plenty of skepticism, especially when we found out that the film was being co-written by none other than Danny McBride, who had helped give us the dreadfully awful comedy "Your Highness." However, there was also a reason to be optimistic, for it was also being directed and co-written by David Gordon Green, who gave us the marvelous and underrated gem "Snow Angels." Still, the overarching question remained: What business did either of these two have going anywhere near a reboot of the greatest horror film ever made?

Since then, we've seen the production receive John Carpenter's blessing, on top of hearing star Jamie Lee Curtis tell us how scary it's going to be, and with the first trailer finally being unveiled today, it's looking like things might have turned out alright (despite those questionable accounts of terrible test screening results). What's particularly fascinating about this new film is that it's acting as a direct sequel to Carpenter's original masterpiece, thereby ignoring all of the films that came after it and picking up 40 years later. Some of the sequels were actually decent, but when talking about the more recent films in the series, the less said, the better (especially when it comes to the train wrecks that Rob Zombie delivered).

So what can we expect when Green's film finally hits theaters later this year? A decent body count, lots of screaming, and hopefully some good-old-fashioned scares that don't rely heavily on gore. It's still a while to go before its release, but at least now we have a little solid evidence that the film might not be a complete disaster. Now we just have to wait the four remaining months to find out.

"Halloween," starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Virginia Gardner, and Nick Castle, opens in theaters on October 19th, 2018.

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