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  • by Jeff Beck

Spider-Man: Homecoming Comes to Digital HD September 26th and Blu-ray/DVD October 17th

When "Spider-Man: Homecoming" hit theaters this past summer, I think audiences were genuinely shocked to get another good film in the franchise after 13 long years and three big disappointments along the way. Not since the great "Spider-Man 2" all the way back in 2004 had we gotten an entry that was fun and exciting, but also took its time with the characters. What resulted was a film that had an impressive 92% (7.6/10) on Rotten Tomatoes and an astounding $747 million worldwide box office.

Today comes the news that all Spidey fans have been waiting for, with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment finally announcing the release dates for the impending home releases. First, the film will be coming to Digital HD on September 26th, followed by the Blu-ray/DVD (including 4K and 3-D) on October 17th.

The following special features have also been announced:

  • The Spidey Study Guide

  • 10 Deleted Scenes

  • Gag Reel

  • Seven Featurettes

  • “A Tangled Web”

  • “Searching For Spider-Man”

  • “Spidey Stunts”

  • “Aftermath”

  • “The Vulture Takes Flight”

  • “Jon Watts: Head of the Class”

  • “Pros And Cons of Spider-Man”

  • Rappin’ with Cap: Captain America PSAs

  • Photo Gallery

Looks like there will be plenty of extras that the fans should find intriguing, including lots of deleted material and a whole series of behind the scenes featurettes that cover everything from the stunts to the villain to the search for the perfect Spider-Man. Those dates again are September 26th for Digital HD and October 17th for all Blu-ray/DVD releases, so if you were one of the many fans of this latest Spidey adventure, then be sure to take note.

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