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  • by Jeff Beck

Suicide Squad Comes to Digital HD on November 15th and Blu-ray/DVD on December 13th

Suicide Squad Box Art


Warner Bros. has finally announced the special features to be invluded with the Blu-ray/DVD releases:

  • Task Force X: One Team, One Mission

  • Chasing the Real

  • Joker & Harley: “It” Couple of The Underworld

  • Squad Strength and Speed

  • Armed to the Teeth

  • This is Gonna Get Loud: The Epic Battles of Suicide Squad

  • The Squad Declassified

  • Gag Reel

At long last, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has finally announced "Suicide Squad" for its home release, declaring that it will first be coming to Digital HD on November15th, followed by the Blu-ray/DVD release on December 13th.

While the film may have been critically maligned by most, resulting in a measly 26% (4.7/10) on Rotten Tomatoes, that didn't stop audiences from flocking to the cinema to see it, for the film has raked in well over $700 million worldwide (over $300 million in the US alone). It certainly had a number of problems, including an over-stuffed cast of characters, a bland villain, and a mostly-uneventful storyline, though there were things to like about it as well, such as the cast and a good dose of humor.

What's particularly interesting about the upcoming release is that it will include an extended addition with 13 minutes of new footage added to the film. We already knew that a lot had been cut (including several of the Joker's scenes), so perhaps we'll finally get to see the film that was closer to writer/director David Ayer's original cut (i.e. before the studio interfered). The bottom line is, I'm definitely willing to give it another try to see if the additional footage improves upon what we got in theaters.

Curiously though, the press release makes no mentions of special features at this time. Undoubtedly we'll be seeing a ton on the upcoming release, which will more than likely include behind the scenes "making of" featurettes, interviews, and perhaps even a commentary with Ayer himself. I'm particularly hoping for the commentary just to hear what Ayer was originally going for with his version of the film. Whether we get that or not, there should still be plenty of interesting extras to see.

Those dates again are November 15th for Digital HD and December 13th for Blu-ray/DVD, so if you ended up being a fan of the polarizing film, be sure to take note.

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