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  • by Jeff Beck

Better Call Saul: Season Two Comes to Blu-ray/DVD on November 15th

Better Call Saul: Season Two Box Art

"Better Call Saul" was one of those spinoffs that seemed like an enormous gamble when it was first announced, but all fears were soon put aside when the first season proved to be a smart, edgy, and utterly captivating drama that delved into the unknown backstory of one the most intriguing secondary characters from "Breaking Bad," Saul Goodman. As the show headed into season two, it yielded somewhat different results, giving us a show that felt like it was delaying more so than moving the story forward. However, it still had its fans, with critics giving it mostly high marks and the Television Academy nominating it for seven Emmys (including Outstanding Drama Series).

Today, Sony Pictures Homes Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray/DVD release of the second season, which will be available on November 15th with the following special features:

Blu-ray and DVD Special Features include:

Commentaries for all 10 Episodes

Gag Reel

“Switch” Table Read


o “Settling the Score: Original Music by Composer Dave Porter”

o “Building the Shot”

Blu-ray Exclusive Features include:

Additional featurettes

o “Jimmy and Kim: A Complicated Relationship”

o “The Takedown”

o “In Conversation: Jonathan Banks & Mark Margolis”

o “Constructing Davis & Main”

o “Landing FIFI”

“HSC: Beaches 'n' Peaches”


o “Davis & Main Mesothelioma”

o “Who Stole My Nest Egg?!”

o “Davis & Main Sandpiper”

o “Your the Greatest!”

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's too much of note being included this time around, but at least we'll be getting commentaries on all ten episodes of the season, along with a pair of featurettes in which some of the actors discuss their characters and careers. Aside from these, there will be a few small looks behind the scenes that explore sets, cinematography, and even a bit of fight choreography.

That date again for the Blu-ray/DVD release is November 15th, so if you are one of the show's millions of fans, be sure to take note.

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