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  • by Jeff Beck

New Set Pics Reveal Possible Theme for American Horror Story Season Six

American Horror Story Season Six Logo

As a fan of "American Horror Story," I've been with it through its ups and downs, and it's definitely had its share of both. It's had great seasons like "Murder House" (season one) and "Freak Show" (season four), but it's also had seasons that were directionless and dull, including "Coven" (season three) and "Hotel" (season five). When it comes right to it, the show desperately needs a breath of fresh air after last year, but as it turns out, we might be getting something rather intriguing for the coming season.

The showrunners have been keeping pretty tight lips about what the next season is going to be about, dropping only little clues here and there, but today we may have a better idea of what at least one part of the upcoming season will be about. Thanks to TMZ, we have several set photos that were taken in Santa Clarita, California, showing us that the show will be going all the way back to a colonial setting, but what's more is that we can clearly see "CROATOAN" carved into a tree, obviously referencing the famous mystery of the disappearing colonists from Roanoke in 1590. The mystery has never been solved and would certainly be ripe material for the show.

There's not much else we know, aside from a good part of the cast (many of whom are returning from the previous seasons), and the supposed inclusion of a modern setting as well, but one thing's for sure, if they do indeed tackle this mystery (and across time no less), it should make for a fascinating season for a show that could desperately use one after last year's disaster.

Check out the images below and be sure to catch "American Horror Story" when it returns to FX on September 14th.

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