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  • by Jeff Beck

Wonder Woman Gets Its First Action-Packed TV Spot

Not too long ago, we got the first full-length trailer for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film from Comic-Con, which made the film look like it was going to be another epic superhero flick filled with action and adventure. However, just in case the full three minutes was a little too much for you to sit through, Warner Bros. has unveiled the first TV spot for the film, condensing what looks to be pretty much all footage from the previous trailer into a minute-long, action-packed extravaganza.

While it may not really show anything new, it still does just what it's meant to do, which is to get you revved up for what will hopefully be a massive improvement for the cinematic universe of DC Comics. Wonder Woman is another one of those superheros that I know next to nothing about (except that she has an invisible jet and uses a magic rope), so I look forward to seeing her origin story played out on the big screen in what looks to be spectacular fashion.

Again, "Batman v Superman" didn't really do any justice to the character by throwing her into a mess of a film that already had too much going on, but hopefully with her own solo film, we'll finally be able to get her story told properly so that next we see her (presumably in "Justice League"), she'll be more than just a background character trying to compete with the multitude of other superheroes (Batmna, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, etc.) already on the screen.

Will DC Comics be able to turn their losing streak around and deliver the great comic book movie they've been striving for? We'll see when the film hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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