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  • by Jeff Beck

The Conjuring 2 Comes to Digital HD August 30th and Blu-ray/DVD September 13th

Box art for "The Conjuring 2"

One of the biggest surprises at the cinema so far this year was James Wan's follow up to his disappointingly dull "The Conjuring." It was rather shocking because it's extremely rare for a sequel to a bad film to be decent, let alone improve on it in just about every way, but that's just what Wan did with "The Conjuring 2."

Here's a snippet from my original review that sums it up:

"It’s the rare case of a sequel being not just a little better than the original, but one that is far superior in nearly every way possible. It might not knock your socks off when it comes to originality, but there’s easily enough here to give any horror fan just the kind of treat they’re looking for."

Warner Bros. has just announced that the film will be released on Digital HD on August 30th and Blu-ray/DVD on September 13th, which will come with the following special features:

As I was hoping, it looks like we'll be getting not only a featurette about the true story on which the film is based, but plenty of others about the making of the film itself. With all of the craft that director James Wan puts into these films, they're sure to be a fascinating watch.

As I mentioned back in my review, it's far from perfect, but it's one that horror fans should definitely check out, so be sure to make a note of these upcoming release dates.

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