Avengers: Infinity War: The Biggest Marvel Epic Yet

It’s the event that comic book/MCU fans have been waiting for. Over the course of ten years and 18 films, Marvel Studios has slowly built up its cinematic universe, putting vast amounts of time, money, and effort into introducing and developing its plethora of characters, all of which has been leading up to the point where they would finally come together to do battle against the most dangerous foe any of them has ever come across. “Avengers: Infinity War” was never going to be a small feat. In fact, in terms of sheer scale, it was always going to have to be the most epic and grandiose entry yet seen in this universe. This put an enormous burden on the shoulders of directors Joe and Anthony

First Reviews for Avengers: Infinity War Are In

At long last, Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" is set to open this Thursday evening, and with press screenings having taken place over the last couple of days, we finally have the first full reviews of the film pouring in. From the 63 reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes, it currently sits at 90% with a score of 7.7/10, while the film currently has a 70 on Metacritic from 31 reviews. Here just a small sampling of what's being said so far: "Marvel has pulled off all sorts of cinematic flavors in its 10-year legacy, from heist films and political thrillers to space operas and fantasy epics. Now it boasts a full-fledged Shakespearean tragedy." - Brian Truitt, USA Today (3.5/4) "What saves Infinit

Black Panther Comes to Digital HD May 8th and Blu-ray/DVD May 15th

Today, Marvel Studios and Disney have announced the home release of what has been, by far, the biggest film of the year thus far, "Black Panther." The film has received an incredible amount of praise, garnering an impressive 97% (8.2/10) on Rotten Tomatoes and an 88 on Metacritic, and that's not to mention its $1.3 billion intake at the box office (so far). While the film doesn't quite live up to the hype that's been generated these past couple of months, there's no denying that a lot of people were blown away by what they saw, so they should definitely be pleased that it will be making an early debut for home viewing after just three months in theaters. The film will be released first on Di

Solo: A Star Wars Story Gets an Action-Packed Second Trailer

With only a month and a half left before the film's release, Lucasfilm has released a second trailer for their next big "Star Wars" spinoff, "Solo: A Star Wars Story," giving us a much better look at the film than before. The film, which will chronicle the early days of the beloved smuggler, has had no shortage of difficulties during its tumultuous production: the original directors getting fired, most of the film having to be reshot, and an acting coach having to be called in for young Alden Ehrenreich, but by the looks of the latest trailer, it looks like there's a chance that something may have risen from its multitude of issues. That being said, the trailer does raise further concerns th